Our 200 full and associated professors, instructors and researchers develop an innovative
pedagogical project, defined by:
• Full time teaching: students have academic activities from 8 am to 5 pm, five days
a week
• Personalized tuition: a small number of students per class, and permanent interaction
among professors, faculty director, students and families
• Strong commitment to the intellectual development of its students, through
promotion policies and incentives for the production and improvement of ideas,
facts and information
• Emphasis on the development of ethical citizens, aware of their responsibilities as
agents of social transformation
• Combination of theoretical teaching with professional practice through labs and
professional practice centres
• Strong support towards learning: all courses have labs and workshops for improving
reading, literature and mathematical skills
• Language tuition: all students must deepen their knowledge of the Portuguese
native language and must acquire proficiency in English and other languages like
Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish
Since 2010, FACAMP has been systematically ranked by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) as one of the top five colleges in Brazil in MEC’s annual evaluation.

Our students achieve outstanding employment rates as compared to other universities,
both in the public and private sector.